Production capacity of 750t/day

Production capacity of 750 tonnes/day of hollow bricks in Alicante, Spain.

After working on different projects for factory 1 with Equipceramic, the Román family, from Agost (Alicante) has charged Equipceramic to design and build a new factory.

This new factory has been designed for the production of hollow bricks, with a capacity of up to 750 T/day for some formats.

For this project, Equipceramic used the latest technology both in robotics, electronics, kilns and dryers and in management production systems, to improve quality and efficiency and to create a highly flexible production line which meets the present demands of the market.

Hollow product loading

Robots have been installed for loading green ware on kiln cars since this solution provides a higher flexibility to this area. They allow the use of different tools (fork or gripper) according to the different products to be manufactured. Thus, each product can be treated in the most suitable way ensuring the highest quality and, therefore, the highest precision settings.


A tunnel dryer has been built with two independent galleries. Each gallery consists of 3 fans providing a hot air supply and 3 in-duct gas-fired burners. It enables to control the different flows and temperatures in each gallery throughout the whole drying process as well as to improve temperature and humidity curves.

One of the priorities of this project is energy optimization throughout the whole manufacturing process. In the dryer, recovery heat is used for distribution to the most convenient drying area, taking preference over burners, as well as other regulations enabling energy consumption to be reduced.

Tunnel kiln

The highly robust tunnel kiln has been installed “in situ” employing cutting edge construction design to improve performance. It is important to point out its circuits which, thanks to their control system enable the different products to be manufactured quickly and effectively.

The global management of the factory is carried out by a latest generation SCADA system which has been customized by Equipceramic for the special requirements of this project. This system enables the comprehensive and centralized control of the full installation: automatisms, dryer, kiln and products. Thus our customers are provided with the key tool for the optimization of the process. Thanks to this application, and with the customer’s consent, Equipceramic can connect to the SCADA system and offer a remote service for detecting and solving problems. This service, known as tele-assistance, reduces call-out visits and shortens response time.


Kiln cars are handled by a highly flexible assembly that enables tracks to be used in both directions, a key feature for meeting production requirements at all times, given the broad range of products to be manufactured.

Transfer cars have been equipped with the latest wireless technology, eliminating wiring and using a power-guide system, which is an innovation in the heavy clay sector.

Dehacking and palletizing areas have been equipped with two separated installations: one for direct unloading and the other for sorting units, according to the requirements of each product.

Virgen de las Nieves

 Virgen 02

Production: 273,000T/year.
Products: Hollow and semi-solid bricks
Dryer: Tunnel dryer with two autonomous canals.
Kiln: Very robust tunnel kiln.
Geographic location: Alicante (Spain).