Equipceramic develops a revamping project for S.A.R.L. SCBTB.

Equipceramic, S.A. concluded an agreement with S.A.R.L. SCBTB, an Algerian-based company to develop a revamping project for its plant dedicated to the manufacture of bricks and roofing tiles in Barika, Batna.

The project set out by Equipceramic is aimed at improving the capacity of production of the de-hacking and packaging lines in order to match the production rates reached by the other stations in the manufacture line. In this way, SCBTB will significantly increase its total capacity of production as well as its performance and profits which, right now, are being restricted by the existing de-hacking and packaging equipment.

This operation consists of installing three new de-hacking grippers, a second layer programming line including a new horizontal strapping machine and a set of packaging tables along with two vertical strapping machines to replace the current packaging table.

The project also includes the restoration of kiln car refractory pieces in order to improve the firing process and significantly decrease energy consumption. Once again, our customer will benefit from important savings resulting from the improvement of the performance of the plant.

At present, last shipments are being processed and on-site assembly works will start in the next weeks.