Ibstock Brick and Equipceramic conclude an agreement and work together during COVID-19 times.

IBSTOCK is the country’s largest manufacturer of clay and concrete building products ranging from clay bricks and components to concrete roof tiles, masonry, fencing and prestressed concrete products.

This well-know industrial Group launched a project aimed at optimizing the drying and setting processes in its brick plant in Ellistown by introducing new, state of the art technology to improve their performance and consumption efficiency in order to obtain a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

After an extensive, hard selection process where 8 world leading engineering companies in this sector submitted their candidatures, Ibstock awarded its project to Equipceramic because our technical solution provided an innovative approach with very interesting advantages and short downtime periods.

The project consists of the design and installation of a new chamber dryer with its dryer cars and the required equipment for dryer car handling. Equipceramic: will also supply the equipment for loading and unloading ware on drying trays, as well as an automated system for handling drying trays.

Robots play a major role in the process of unloading dry ware from drying supports and setting it on kiln cars, making the hacks that will be fired in the existing kiln. The current kiln car circuit will also be used, although some supplementary equipment will be added to adapt it to the new production requirements.

The two companies’ technical teams have already started a close cooperation for the perfect integration of the new proposed solution with the equipment in the plant, in the shortest possible time and reducing the impact on the regular operation of the plant to the minimum extent and both technical teams have been working very hard during the quarantine period to advance certain project challenges.

Equipceramic is already preparing its specialized technical team to travel to Ellistown and continue the work together with the Ibstock team in the following months.