Equipceramic keeps its position as main supplier of manufacturing equipment for CERAC.

The company Céramique du centre, CERAC, a well-known brick manufacturer of hollow bricks and ceiling blocks in the region of Sahel in Tunis, is one of Equipceramic’s most important long-term customers. CERAC was the first Tunisian brick manufacturing company who trusted Equipceramic’s technology for revamping his premises in 2008, since then, and based on the results obtained, other important companies in the heavy clay sector entrusted Equipceramic with their projects, among others: The Group Union de Briqueteries du Sud (UBS), Briqueterie Bir M’Cherga (BBM), Société Briqueterie El Mostakbel, Briqueterie Jebal El Ouest (BJO) and ECOCERAT.

Cerac’s last order is included in the modernisation program this company is being developing in the last years to update his production unit 1 to the latest automation trends in order to increase its performance and capacity to face new market needs.

The current project consists of installing some new equipment in the kiln car unloading area, and in the areas where fired products are packed and loaded on trucks. This intervention is mainly aimed to provide the kiln car loading area and the packaging area with a higher flexibility to be able to make a broader range of ware layer formats and therefore a broader range of pack formats.

This new installation will allow CERAC to offer a better sales service to his customers and a faster loading system for trucks. At the same time, the percentage of breakages will also be lowered as well as the number of workers.

This new installation was working in the last month of October. Again, the Lejmi family assigns a new project to Equipceramic, and 10 years have already passed since the business and friendship relationship started between the two companies.