Are you an investor looking for industrial projects?


Do not hesitate to consult us.

We are a multidisciplinary team to assist you in the appropriate evaluation of investing in a plant producing bricks, so you can make a well-founded decision.

Backed up by our expertise and broad knowledge of the market and its resources we can provide a precise analysis of the project from the technical and financial feasibility point of view as well as the corresponding risk evaluation to minimize its impact on expected performance.

Do you need funds?

We have a large experience in financial structuring of projects by closely cooperating with the investor in:

  1. The syndication of capital by incorporating cross-business synergies 
  2. Raising external funds through numerous options which require a specific approach.

Having doubts whether you can do it?

We will help you to clear out your doubts. We can provide you with across-the-board consulting. Building a plant for producing bricks is a complex operation requiring cooperation and co-ordinated work between the supplier and the investor and our experience will be the key to optimize management and hence realization costs.

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